Doggie Development Academy was formed to aid owners in getting the most out of their relationship with their dog and to offer solutions to owners with problems with their dog to avoid having to re-home or even euthenize. The methods we use are safe and humane and designed to avoid creating problems or compound any existing problems. Doggie Development Academy in no way encourages methods or training tools that may hurt the dog or possibly develop any form of aggression.

Jason Hussong
Owner / Certified Dog Trainer

Jason Hussong received his certification through Animal Behavior College, which includes work with several breeds of dogs and training methods but concentrates on positive reinforcement and behavior modification to teach obedience and to help with common and not so common dog issues.

Jason has been a volunteer with Free Spirit Siberian Rescue since 2006 and has worked with not only Siberian Huskies but several different breeds ranging from Jack Russels to Alaskan Malamutes as well as mixed breeds and has worked with some of the more difficult cases such as dogs with separation anxiety to aggression and aids with the placing of dogs in their new homes.

Jason has also trained several dogs in the sports of agility, dog sledding, and bikejoring which made for not only a happier pet but helped to strengthen the all important relationship between owner and dog.